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To be the most loyal freight forwarder company to our partners , staff  , customers  and agents

based on Egypt and extent Globally with loyal partners


Our missions to offer fair consultant in logistics solution utilizing our Experience with our partners

providing quality of services as per partner standards targeting efficiency; and compatitiveness to business partner’s to  acheive satisfaction.


EGYPT LOGISTICS simplifies shipping overseas by providing direct and exclusive service from your point of origin to your final destination. We provide you with guidance to the relevant agencies to make sure you obtain all the necessary licenses and paperwork for your (IMPORT & EXPORT) shipment, and that these important documents stay with your shipment until it has been accepted by the consignee.

Our company team is extensively trained to help you with cargo shipping, customs clearance and cargo insurance. Our experienced cargo shipping team pays attention to all of the details, and we know how to safely pack, crate and ship your freight to ensure that everything arrives in excellent condition to final destination